Linda Singing Colonial Ballads at Federal Hall National Memorial
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  A History of American Women in Song

A musical illumination of the role of women’s lives in society from the 18th Century to the 19th Amendment in which women were given the right to vote. Linda sings broadsides, laments, murder ballads, love songs, parlor melodies and suffrage anthems that reflect the changing status of women in society. A delightful and informative show.

Remember the Ladies:
18th Century Women in Song

In this musical journey we hear songs of 18th Century women at work, in love, as patriots and in mourning. Interspersed with the songs are excerpts from women’s diaries and letters of the day along with stories of Deborah Samson, who fought as a soldier in Washington’s army, and, of course, Martha Washington and Abigail Adams.

Patchwork: Voices of 19th Century Rural Women
One-Woman Drama

Linda portrays twenty-one different women from ages 16 to 70 in this one-woman show. From words taken from actual diaries, letters and women’s magazines, their stories emerge: Bertha joyously remembers the all-night dances; Harriet mourns the death of her little girl; Lenore vents her spleen at “husbands” as she vigorously pounds her bread dough; Grandma Ickus reveals the memories stitched into her patchwork quilts.

Patchwork is an exploration of the lives of rural women of the 19th Century. We hear them singing, reciting from their autograph books, offering recipes and remedies. Through Linda’s powerful performance, we feel their strength, their sense of humor and their passion for life.