These recordings feature the music of Linda Russell
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Prairie Smoke Records
Roses of the Garden
With Linda Russell, Steve Schneider, Mark Rust, Margery Cohen, Christa Patton, Ridley Enslow, Abby Newton, Scott Petito

1. The Wagoner's Lad
2. I Live Not Where I Love
3. The Wind and the Rain
4. Any Old Song
5. Your Mission
6. Old House


 7. The Greenwood Laddie
 8. Tinker Frank
 9. Fireflies and Mudpies
10. The Meeting of the Waters
11. The Remembrance Waltz
12. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
13. Satisfied Mind
14. Softly and Tenderly
15. The Road to Lisdoonvarne

Any Old Song

Tinker Frank


Prairie Smoke Records

The Good Old Colony Days

With Linda Russell, Richard Patterson,
Ridley Enslow, Mark Lanci, Bobbie Wayne

1. The Golden Vanity
2. Come Haste to the Wedding
3. Farewell to Old Ireland
4. Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me?
5. Dog and Gun
6. The Lord in Londontown
7.Massachusetts Hop
8. What a Court Hath Old England

  9. The Derby Ram
10. Buttermilk Hill
11. The Road to Boston
12. In the Good Old Colony Days
13. The Seeds of Love
14. The Brandywine Quickstep
15. Hangman
16. The Water Is Wide

The Golden Vanity

The Water Is Wide

Rounder Records

Sing We All Merrily
With Linda Russell, Ridley Enslow
Joe Kaminsky, Lloyd Altman, Bobbie Wayne, Lawrence Cole

1. Ding Dong Merrily On High
2. I Saw Three Ships
3. Stille Nacht
4. The Holly and The Ivy
5. Virgin Unspotted
6. Huron Carol

  7. Un Flambeau Jeanette Isabelle
  8. Drive the Cold Winter Away
  9. The Holy Well
10. Gloucester Wassail
11. All Poor Men and Humble
12. All You that Are Good Fellows
13. Old Year Now Away Has Fled
14. The Cherry Tree Carol
15. O Leave Your Sheep
16. The Friendly Beasts
17. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

The Gloucestershire Wassail

Cherry Tree Carol


                Helicon Records

Christmas Past

With Linda Russell, Edward Brewer, Margery Cohen, Abby Newton, Christa Patton, Ridley Enslow, Steve Schneider

1. Ding Dong Merrily
2. On Christmas Night
3. The Holly and The Ivy
4. Bottom of the Punchbowl
5. The Other Night
6. I Saw Three Ships
7. The Friendly Beasts
8. Slumber Song
9. Gloucestershire Wassail


10 Drive the Cold Winter Away
11. Cherry Tree Carol
12. Veni, Veni, Emanuel
13. Coventry Carol
14. Gallery Carol
15. Corde Natus
16. Seven Blessings of Mary
17. Come, Mad Boys
18. Christmas Cheer
19. Good Christian Men
20. Winter Apples
21. The Old Year
22. Ding Dong Merrily (reprise)

I Saw Three Ships

Seven Blessings of Mary


           Helicon Records

 Civil War Songs
With Linda Russell, Abby Newton,
Margery Cohen, Christa Patton, Stephen Epstein, Rooke Chapel Choir

1. Why Have My Loved Ones Gone?
2. That's What's the Matter
3. Beautiful Dreamer
4. I'll be a Soldier
5. Give This To Mother
6. Father Abraham
7. Larry's Goodbye

  8. Willie Has Gone to the War
  9; Nothing But a Plain Old Soldier
10. Bring My Brother Back To Me
11. The Merry Month of May
12. The Voices That Are Gone
13. While The Bowl Goes Round
14. The Moustache Song
15. Bury Me In The Morning
16. For the Dear Old Flag I Die
17. We've A Million In The Field
18. Slumber Song


Bury Me In The Morning

The Moustache Song


                  Albany Records 

Stephen Foster Songs

With Linda Russell, Julianne Baird, Frederick Urrey, John Van Buskirk, Ridley Enslow, Steve Schneider

1. The Glendy Burke
2. Nelly Was a Lady
3. Melinda May
4. The Soiree Polka
5. The Moustache Song
6. O Willie, Is It You Dear?
7. Mr. and Mrs. Brown
8. Gem from Lucia #1
9. Wilt Thou Be Gone?
10. The Voices That Are Gone
11. Ole Black Joe

12. Maggie By My Side
13. Camptown Ladies
14. Hard Times
15. Gems from Lucia #2, #3
16. The Shanghai Chicken
17. Beautiful Dreamer
18. Ah! May the Red Rose Live Away
19. Nelly Bly
20. I Dream of Jeannie
21. O Susannah & Some Folks

Nelly Bly

The Glendy Burk